Jutel Oy, Finland

“We have counted a 100% increase in productivity when localizing new strings of code” — Antti Nevalainen, Jutel

To be able to deliver a leading radio broadcasting software to several different markets and cultural environments requires smooth, cost-efficient, and automated software globalization processes. Jutel’s RadioMan broadcast content management solution is a highly sophisticated solution designed for major league broadcasters, such as BBC, covering 42 markets in the world.

“For two years now, Multilizer has brought incredible speed to our software globalization process. We have counted a 100% increase in productivity when localizing new strings of code. However, the major benefits are in the upgrading, where we have been able to speed up the process 20 times compared to the previous methods,” said Antti Nevalainen from Jutel.

Jutel’s RadioMan solution enables digital content to be created, scheduled, organized, broadcast, and archived simultaneously to multiple media channels, such as radio, Internet, and wireless. By providing new possibilities and ways to make programs, effective material sharing, easy reuse of existing content, and shorter production time, RadioMan enables broadcasters to increase productivity, broaden the range and quality of the services offered, and provide new convenience for journalists, producers, and technical personnel.

“RadioMan is a unique product with a very demanding user base. It is very important that we have also a controlled globalization process for the product. As we have limited resources in the software development, we do not want to involve our technical experts too much during the different localization phases. There are approximately 1,000 strings in the software code that need to be localized in RadioMan. Thanks to Multilizer, the whole localization process of RadioMan to a customer specific jargon or a completely new language takes about two days. We are also able to outsource parts of the process to our business partners without sacrificing quality,” Nevalainen added.

Jutel is an expert in digital convergence, offering unique solutions for the digital media. Jutel’s strength is based on its in-depth industry knowledge gained from radio broadcasting systems since 1984. Jutel entered a business partner relationship with IBM in 1995. In 1999, the two companies agreed to strengthen their relationship by signing a worldwide re-seller agreement. This partnership delivers an unbeatable combination of software, hardware, and industry expertise to implement Jutel’s advanced RadioMan solutions on a global basis. Jutel’s customers include major national broadcasters, such as BBC in the United Kingdom, RTE in Ireland, ERTU in Egypt, and YLE in Finland. The company’s turnover in 2001 was 6 Meur. Jutel employs 55 people in Oulu, Helsinki, and London. More information: www.jutel.fi