Solution for All Your Localization And Translation Needs

Multilizer is the most efficient product for creating and maintaining multiple language versions of software, documents, and other content — on time and within budget. A localization technology expert since 1995, Multilizer is the market leader in providing innovative solutions, maximum usability, and cutting-edge new technologies for localization.

Multilizer offers convenient and feature-rich PC applications for automatic string extraction and protection, language version builds, and version control. Multilizer features include tools for project management, software engineering, and translation work in various environments. Multilizer provides the best combination of a rich, user-friendly, and fast PC-based tool with the availability of all online and machine translation benefits. When the quality matters to you, the solution is Multilizer.

These features and functions form the core of Multilizer Localization Tools:

Rich and Fast PC-based Editor

Rich and fast PC-based editor for user-friendly and effective translation. Commenting, locking, and setting of max width enabled.

Support of Various File Formats

Scan and localization for 30+ formats. Results can be verified in target environment immediately.

 Assisted Translation Expert

“Quick translate” – Multilizer automatically displays translations for the selected native string. Prioritize translations by translation source or match percentage.


Translation Validations

More than 40 predefined validation rules + self-defined validations (regular exprression), enabling fast and uniform translations.

Exchange Wizards

For exchanging project data between translators and other project members.

Machine Translation

For a quick translation and enabling post-edit.


Localization Rules

Settings for supported file formats.

Full Interoperability with most popular Importer/Exporter Standards

TMX files (Translation Memory eXchange — industry standard format for storing translations).
XLIFF (XML Localisation Interchange File Format)

Configurable text-files (reuse translations in Excel-compatible CSV- and other text-based files).

Terminology and Dictionary compatibility

Microsoft terminology database – nearly 100 languages available.
Termbase Exchange (.tbx format) format support


Other common features

General Productivity Features

  • Optimized performance for large and small project file sizes
  • Share translation work between project managers and translators: translation outsourcing tools
  • Reports and statistics
  • Advanced translation import capabilities
  • Annotate native and translated strings with contextual information
  • Ability to set fallback languages
  • Visualization of changes inside text segments (translation units)
  • Tagging of new/modified/removed texts in the files being localized
  • Quick and advanced filtering; find and replace options
  • Spell check (OpenOffice) and Automated Language Detection
  • Tagging rows for filtering, export, etc.
  • Group project support for Delphi
  • Multicore CPU support
  • Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows Vista support

Process Automation and Online Features

  • Project Wizard
  • Localization templates – use configuration templates to instantly set up new projects
  • Import and Export Wizards
  • Multilizer Online Translation Outsourcing with Google Translator Toolkit
  • Exchange Wizard; share translation work by language or by targets
  • Batch Validation with advanced reporting

Translation Importer and Exporter Features

  • Configurable text files (reuse translations in Excel-compatible CSV- and other text-based files)
  • Qualified machine translation (MT-Qualifier license needed)
  • Multilizer 5.x and 6.x project files (MPR-files)

Quality Assurance Features

  • Predefined validation profiles for .NET, Delphi, and HTML localization
  • Translation Validation Wizard to automate translation validation process
  • Pseudolanguage wizard cover/expand/minimum tests for UI elements
  • Lock/unlock feature at translation unit level
  • Regular expression validation rules



Open Feature Matrix in PDF format

Product-Specific Features

LimitedPro for DocumentsPro for SoftwareEnterprisePremium Package
Command-line Utility to automate every step of the localization process

Automate the creation of new localization projects, scanning, building, importing and exporting translations, sharing translation work, displaying projects statistics

Advanced Menu for efficient project maintenance features, such as populating missing translations with native text
Concordance Search Tool for terminology look-ups
Project size limitation1,000 stringsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Supported document formats: pdf, xls, ppt, docx One format of your choice
Supported hypertext formats: XML, HTMLOne format of your choice
Supported software formats: Windows 64bit and x86 applications (.exe,.dll,ocx. etc.), Delphi binaries, Microsoft .NET Application resources (ResX and WPF) and project or solution files, Delphi .NET projects (.bdsproj), .NET assemblies (.exe, .dll) versions 4.6, 4.5, 4.0, 3.5, 3.0 and 2.0, Report Builder files, Android XML resource filesOne format of your choice
Supported software formats: Delphi Pascal, C++Builder, Visual Basic Source Code (.bas), SQL source files including SQL schema support, Delphi group projectsOne format of your choice
Visual Editors: Delphi D10 Seattle, XE8 – 2009 32-bit forms, Windows Binary (PE)  resources: dialogs, menus, bitmaps, icons and cursors, Visual Dialog Editor for .NET forms 
Development integration tools: Unicode Multilizer Localization Components for VCL– for Delphi and C++Builder D10 Seattle, XE8 -2009 (64 bit and 32 bit), Delphi/C++Builder classes for binary localization, Running .NET application with localized target language in single Windows locale
LimitedPro for DocumentsPro for SoftwareEnterprisePremium Package

 Open Feature Matrix in PDF format

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Multilizer delivered all the features we needed in our multilingual localization project. As a result, the need for resources has reduced when developing different language versions and the time-to-market is faster as well.

BasWare Oyj