Support Agreement – Get the Most Out of Multilizer Products

The Multilizer Support Agreement is a solution for anyone who wants to get the most out of the Multilizer products. A localization tool purchase is an investment that should be utilized effectively. Any technical difficulties or knowledge issues should not slow down or prevent the localization project from progressing.

Time-saving support

The Multilizer Support Agreement guarantees special and personal technical support. All support cases from customers with a Support Agreement will be processed with the highest priority. Fast support brings real value for your money.

With a valid Support Agreement, it is possible to choose the support channel:

  • High-priority email support
  • Telephone support (Agreed upon in advance by email.)
  • Remote access support via Remoteus (Support team will be able to assist on the client’s computer using a remote connection, agreed upon in advance by email.)

Only regular email support is available for customers who do not have a valid agreement.

All updates

Multilizer works hard to improve products all the time. The Multilizer Support Agreement guarantees that all updates and upgrades – including new major version releases – are always free. The latest versions are always available whenever the customer is ready to adopt them.

Only sub-version updates are available for customers without a valid agreement.

Training for special prices

The Multilizer Support Agreement provides access to basic and customized training for special prices. The localization experts can both teach how to localize efficiently with a Multilizer product and assist customers in achieving the best results with their own localization projects.



The new Support Agreement is only available with a new license or upgrade purchase. The agreement is valid for 12 months (starting from the purchase date), and it can be continued without buying other products.


Buy the Support Agreement now to get the most out of your Multilizer products!