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My license does not work. What should I do?

1. Make sure that you have not copy-pasted any additional characters (e.g., spaces) with the license code.
2. Make sure that you have the correct installation package; new versions of Multilizer do not accept old license codes and vice versa.
3. Make sure that you have the correct product installed; different products have different license codes.
4. Make sure that you have the full version installed for the full license. Demo versions do not accept full licenses and vice versa.

When do I get my purchased license?

You will get your license(s) by email. If you made a purchase in the webstore, Multilizer’s webstore partner will send you the licenses automatically after the payment is processed. If you purchased via the Multilizer Sales Team, the license will be delivered manually to you after the payment process is finished. In this case, deliveries are made only during business days.

Remember to look at the spam folder as well! Sometimes important messages end up in the spam folder by accident.

Can I update to the latest version?

If you have purchased a Multilizer license, you are entitled to all the minor updates that are published for your Multilizer version. The software shows a message if there’s an update available.

If you have a valid Support Agreement, you are entitled to all the minor and major updates that are published during the agreement period. If you want to upgrade to the latest major release and you have a Support Agreement, we’ll be happy to assist you by email:

The latest version is always available for free evaluation on the Downloads page.

Can I test a plug-in?

Yes, you can test the scanner plug-ins. Just send your license number to with the plug-in name you would like to test, and the download link and license will be delivered to you. You cannot test importer/exporter plug-ins.

What are the limitations of the evaluation version?

The evaluation versions have only two limitations:

  1. The evaluation period is limited. As a rule, the period is 30 days; all the possible exceptions are mentioned on the Downloads page.
  2. The evaluation versions put so-called “nag text” in random rows in a project’s translated text.

In all other aspects, evaluation version functionality is identical to that of the commercial version.

Where can I find the documentation for Multilizer?

The Multilizer documentation is available as:

  • Online help topics
  • Help file
  • Tutorials

All these options are available in the software from the Multilizer Help menu. The online help topics are also available here.


Find detailed technical information in the Multilizer Online Help!


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