20 Years of Localization Technologies

Multilizer is a software solution that has a long history of innovation and cutting-edge technology. From the very beginning in 1995, its mission has been to develop high-quality products for localization managers, translators, and software developers. Multilizer’s goal is to make local business actions easier for companies in the global market. Today, more than 120 million words are translated every month with Multilizer products in more than 150 countries worldwide.

Multilizer is proud of its 20 years of history in software development, localization, and translation. To ensure that products meet the existing localization needs, Multilizer is actively partnering with development tool companies, translation agencies, and freelance translators. By doing this, we are able to secure, among the other benefits, the highly valued compatibility with most popular supporting translation tools.

Multilizer was created to fulfill the need for a localization tool that would make software localization more productive. The early years of the product development were focused on improving tools for software localization, then moving on to supporting document and content localization. Multilizer is owned by Rex Partners Oy, a Finnish technology company.

Besides its advanced localization tools, Multilizer has developed light translation solutions for compact localization projects. And like before, it will be a point of honor for Multilizer to be among the first players to support localization with new and emerging development tools and in new environments in the future.


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