F-Secure Oyj, Finland

“For that, we can only praise the Multilizer product and the development team.” — Mika Pehkonen, F-Secure

Information security is a dynamic business, where being the first to respond to new threats is a critical success factor. The value of being the first provider of a security solution for a new platform or device is extremely high.

In such a business, we need to keep our localization efforts equally dynamic. We have opted to have a small team that concentrates equally on time-to-market and cost effectiveness. In order to maintain this degree of variety and control, we need to use tools that allow the localization team to work seamlessly with product development throughout the development process.

With Multilizer, we have been able to better define and utilize the expertise that each person involved in the localization process/project has. We have noticed a significant decrease in localization bugs and time-to-market thanks to the fact that we have been able to test the localizable code before the actual translation phase.

The second major benefit we have gained is the ease of performing last-minute update requests from customers and changing markets. Another significant benefit has been the almost complete automation of translating 100% matches in updates. These can now be processed in-house instead of being sent to localization vendors. The elimination of the vendor cost alone has already saved the cost of the Multilizer license during the first year of use.

A consistent flow of communication is especially important to us in our wireless projects, where we need to localize into several languages (generally anything from 4 to 15 languages) and where new platforms emerge constantly. Based on the excellent results with Multilizer in our PocketPC projects, we are extending the use of Multilizer to our Symbian/EPOC-based projects.

As a company offering a wide selection of information security solutions for multiple platforms, we need to maintain the quality, style, and terminology of the localized material consistent through our product base. Multilizer has allowed us to reuse previously localized and validated material reliably and with a good percentage in products that we are bringing to new platforms. This helps our customers to feel familiar with our products instantly, regardless of the platform. Another feature that has allowed us to save money and time is the ease of use of the Multilizer translator’s package at our localization vendors.

For almost two years, Multilizer has given us the opportunity to do our work as cost-efficiently as possible, allowing us to concentrate on the new challenges in the marketplace, instead of spending most of our resources on correcting and solving recurring bugs and problems. For that, we can only praise the Multilizer product and the development team.

Mika Pehkonen,
Localization Manager
F-Secure Oyj
2003 ClientSide Excellence Award winner in the category of Localization Manager

F-Secure Corporation
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