BasWare Oyj, Finland

“Multilizer delivered all the features we needed in our multilingual localization project.”

BasWare Corporation

BasWare, Inc. is an internationational software house whose e-commerce and financial steering software programs are used in more than 1,000 organizations in different business areas in more than 10 European counties as well as in the Australian market. BasWare is listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange HEX.

BasWare seeks growth from different language areas

BasWare seeks to grow its trading volume abroad, especially in Europe. Its software programs have different language versions so that they speak the user’s language. “Producing different language versions is an integral part of the development process for us. The terminology varies between counties, so we couldn’t use only English in our software,” stated Johanna Puro-Grönblom from BasWare.

BasWare localizes products with Multilizer

“Last year, we started a project in which we studied how to make the production of different language versions more efficient in one of our product families. Terminology validation, terminology re-usage, and fast time-to-market for different language versions were our objectives. We found that Multilizer delivered all the features we needed in our multilingual localization project,” Puro-Grönblom continued.

Experiences in using Multilizer

The translatable data reside in an application’s .INI files, which contain the native terms in the production phase. A localization expert opens the .INI file in Multilizer, and Multilizer automatically seeks the translatable terms. If the target language has been previously translated, the terms have been saved to the Multilizer translation memory. In this case, the new language version can be produced completely automatically so that the localization expert does not even have to know the target language. On top of that, Multilizer is extremely easy to use, and no programming experience whatsoever is required from the user.

“Our validated terms go to Multilizer translation memory, which means that translations made with the translation memory are 100% accurate,” Puro-Grönblom said.

New terms that are not found in the translation memory are sent to a translation company for translation using the built-in deploy mechanism in Multilizer. The package sent to the translators can contain comments, instructions, and screenshots of the translatable contents. When the translation is completed, the translation company sends the terms back to BasWare, where they are imported to Multilizer’s translation memory so that they can be used in future translations. After this, Multilizer automatically creates the translated (localized) files.

Terminology control, better overall quality, fewer resources needed, and faster time-to-market!

“Multilizer has made the terminology control and consistency control considerably easier. Also, the need for resources has reduced when developing different language versions, and the time-to-market is faster as well. Multilizer is easy to use, and it doesn’t require programming experience. Migration from our previous localization technologies to Multilizer was easy, and we have always received customer support when needed,” Puro-Grönblom said.


BasWare Corporation

BasWare Corporation is a growing international software company listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange HEX. Founded in 1985, BasWare develops, markets, and sells packaged software applications for e-business and financial management. BasWare’s software is in use in more than a thousand organizations in both the private and public sector. BasWare’s software package for electronic business is the market leader within Scandinavia, and its Financial Management software package leads the market in Finland.

BasWare is headquartered in Espoo, Finland, with subsidiaries in Sweden, Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands, and Denmark. The partnership network covers the markets of Scandinavia, Great Britain, the Benelux countries, German-speaking Europe, and Australia. BasWare’s net sales in 2001 were 12.4 million euros, and it had a total of 168 employees at the end of the year.