Invensys Metering Systems, Germany

“Multilizer has enabled us smooth globalization process.” — Invensys Metering Systems.

The Manager of Technical Services and System Solutions at Invensys Metering Systems, Hannover, Germany says:

Our Products

“Our products are water and heat meter and telemetry systems, which are used in all water utilities worldwide for controlling and billing the water consumption. Our products are developed with Visual Basic and C++.”

Our Clients and Partners

“Our customers and partners include water utilities and service companies worldwide. They are using our Automated Meter Reading Systems (AMR) including our multilingual software solutions, which are DOKOM CS, DOKOM MOBILE, and OSMS. Our solution covers the meter reading of all media, including water meters, heat meters, electricity meters, and gas meters. Our modular solution covers all kinds of reading — mobile reading by inductive, optical and radio interfaces, and much more.”

Localization Technology

“We used Multilizer localization technology and its related globalization methods when globalizing our DOKOM CS and DOKOM MOBILE software.”

Supported Languages

“Our product was localized into 13 languages by adopting Multilizer in our globalization process. Currently our products support the following languages: English, German, Czech, Slovak, Russian, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Hungarian, Korean, and Polish.”

Multilizer Globalization Process

“Our software has been developed with English as the native language. Multilizer has enabled us smooth globalization processes with a local expert who is involved in our software localization. Usually this person is not a software specialist. Multilizer allows a non-software engineer to run the application and translate it step by step while the application is running.

“Multilizer software is similar to MS Office applications, and therefore our operational users and experts can easily work with Multilizer and they do not need to be IT specialists.

“The procedure enables continuous control of the work. Translations are done very easily by local experts, and the time-to-market is shortened considerably. The implementation time is very short, and translation quality meets the user requirements.

“Also during the last two years, we have been able to build up a comprehensive multi-language dictionary of industry specific terminology, which can be reused in future projects.”

Business Benefits Achieved

  • Low implementation costs
  • Cost savings in the total globalization value chain
  • Simplified software globalization processes
  • Improved quality
  • Short time-to-market with new language versions
  • Implementation of new language versions within a short time

Future Plans

“We are just planning a new software package in the same business field. We are sure that we will use Multilizer for the globalization processes and for translation work. Hopefully we can use 70% of our existing terminology and will have an added advantage to our work thanks to Multilizer Translation Memory Technology.”

About Invensys Metering Systems

Invensys Metering Systems is a subsidiary of Invensys plc. In a challenging business environment, utilities look to Invensys Metering Systems (IMS) for advice, advanced technologies, and improved cash flow. That’s why our share of the world water meter market is larger than that of any other group of companies, and our technological leadership in the gas meter market is second to none. IMS’ product range includes domestic, commercial, and industrial water and gas meters, in addition to sub-metering and automatic meter reading (AMR) systems. Furthermore, IMS provides a full spectrum of end-to-end data management, metering services, and billing solutions. More info at: