The latest Multilizer 8.3 -version makes the localization even faster by providing integration to innovative machine translation qualifier technology and performance optimization for multicore-CPU machines and support for Delphi Group Projects.

New Multilizer 8.3 version has been released. The most remarkable improvement is the new integration with the speed increasing machine translation quality estimation technology. This patent pending technology, called MT-Qualifier, brings qualified machine translation to localization work. Qualified machine translation is able to speed up translation work by 11−50%.

In addition, the latest 8.3 version includes new fine-tuned performance optimizations for multicore-CPU machines by multiplying the speed of key operations. Furthermore there is a completely new support for Delphi Group Projects in Multilizer 8.3. This enables easy management of big and challenging localization projects.

See all the improvements in the Multilizer 8.3 Release Note.


Multilizer 8.3 is now officially available for both purchasing and demo use. Test today and see the benefits yourself: