Multilizer won the innovation award in LT-Innovate Summit 2012. The award was given to Multilizer’s new quality estimation technology called MT-Qualifier. With MT-Qualifier it is possible both to estimate machine translation quality in real-life situations and to produce better machine translations.

This award shows that there is a real need for new, innovative solutions which improve the possibilities of automatic translations. Machine translation is a crucial tool for truly global communication but its full potential won’t be reached without new innovations.

MT-Qualifier is a new technology which widens and eases the use of machine translation remarkably. The main issue with automatic translations has been uncertainty and trust for machine translation quality. There have been many attempts to solve this problem in academic world, but MT-Qualifier is the first commercial solution for everyday situations.

MT-Qualifier is available as an API for all translation tool developers. Read more:


LT-Innovate is the forum for Europe’s Language Technology Industry. The summit gathered together a large group of Language Technology stakeholders to discuss, network and share the most innovative language technologies in Brussels 19 June, 2012. More information on the forum and the summit are available on LT-Innovate’s website: