Multilizer has publish an ebook about translation quality and machine translation. While the use of machine translation is constantly growing, there are also many wrong ideas and false statements made about the quality of automatic translations. This ebook views the topic from a wide perspective and builds a complete picture of the situation where machine translation is today.

ebook-download-machine-translation-qualityThis book studies the concept of translation quality throughout revealing some of the problematics involved with the topic. On one hand¬† translation quality is not an unambiguous term, Quality is in most cases very subjective experience. On the other hand machine translation and professional translation are often compared although they differ very much from each other. The goals of using a machine translator and hiring a professional translator aren’t (or shouldn’t be) the same. In addition, machine translation is always strongly related to the questions of money and costs.

Multilizer’s Machine Translation Quality ebook has been written to help all the people who work with translating and/or are interested in translation quality. This ebook is 100% free and it is available online here:

Download your copy and learn more about machine translation and translation quality!