Multilizer 8.2 has been released. With this version Multilizer follows its main principle of developing innovative, leading and modern localization tools. Multilizer 8.2 echoes the latest development in the software industry by providing new Delphi support and improving performance to benefit the latest computer capabilities. Both Delphi development ecosystem and high performance have always been important to Multilizer and its customers.

delpfixe3One of the most remarkable improvements is the support for Embarcadero Delphi XE3 platform and its localization resources, including both 64 bit and 32 bit localization components. Delphi is an extremely popular software development environment and there are more than 2 million Delphi developers around the world. Multilizer proudly provides this localization support right after the worldwide release of Delphi XE3.

Another great improvement in Multilizer 8.2 is the performance optimization for multicore-CPU machines. The optimization can multiply the performance in some key operations when using computers with multicore processors. The optimized performance enables to get the most out of the modern computer capabilities, what will improve the overall localization projects.

Furthermore, the new Multilizer 8.2 includes many other improvements which together have a big effect on localization project workflow. For example Database Scanner has been enhanced with several ameliorations for smoother and more efficient localization.

Multilizer 8.2 is available as both free trials and commercial versions.


Click here to check the official Multilizer 8.2.0 release note.