Multilizer has released a brand new version of its popular PDF Translator. By now Multilizer PDF Translator has already helped tens of thousands of people to translate all kinds of PDF documents automatically and quickly. And now with the new break-through improvements Multilizer PDF Translator is a complete solution for also advanced translation needs.

Like before Multilizer PDF Translator translates PDF documents automatically from one language to another easily without any additional expensive or complicated software. The new PDF Translator supports translating file from and to 27 languages. In addition Multilizer PDF Translator still creates documents which are easy to read and understand as an output. These documents contain both the translated text and all visual elements in the original alignment. Because images, charts and tables have an important role in many PDF files, it is crucial to have them included in the translation.

The most remarkable enhancement is that now it is extremely easy to save the translation to also other file formats than just PDF. This is a great functionality for those who want to edit the machine translated text with for example, OpenOffice, MS Word or MS Excel. Although machine translation is continuously improved, automatic translation is rarely totally flawless. Thus there is a need for this kind of simple tool which can translate fast, is able produce high-quality documents and enables editing the translated document.

Also the application itself is localized to 11 different languages, enabling convenient use of the application for both the English speaking people and the non-English speakers. More information and free product download can be found from: