Multilizer has launched a new affiliate program for its PDF translation product, called Multilizer PDF Translator. As an affiliate one can earn by selling high-quality Multilizer product on a website, in a blog or on other online site.

Generally speaking affiliate is like a partner who sells the product in return for a compensation. Multilizer affiliate program is extremely easy and simple for the participants. After signing up as an affiliate, one gets a link URL to Multilizer web store. Every time a customer comes to the web store using that link and purchases Multilizer PDF Translator, the affiliate receives a margin from the paid price.

The Multilizer affiliates can use their imagination and marketing skills in advertising the product with ads, blog posts, articles, e-mails etc. There is also a material package available for affiliates and, if needed, we can also produce more material. Payment processing, license delivery, technical support, and other things will be taken care of for the affiliate. The affiliate program is managed by our partner Avangate, which has a strong experience in e-sales and affiliate programs and it provides quick and prompt payments and effortless order handling. More info about Avangate’s affiliates can be found at

If you are interested in selling Multilizer PDF Translator, join the program at


About Multilizer PDF Translator

Multilizer PDF Translator is an easy-to-use tool for translating PDF documents automatically. The tool uses machine translation and the translation can be edited with included Complimentary Editor.

As an outcome, the user receives a high-quality PDF document with the translated text and all the visual elements like images and table in their right places. The original document will be left untouched. In other words Multilizer PDF Translator translates the text and builds a new file with the translation inside the preserved layout from the original document. The same layout will guarantee that the translated document is truly readable and understandable.

Multilizer PDF Translator supports translating between over 50 languages. In addition currently there are 11 user interface languages available. Here are all the available language versions: English, Finnish, Swedish, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Italian, German and Turkish.

If you are interested in selling Multilizer PDF Translator or one of its other language versions, read more and sign up at

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