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Localize Software & Documents Efficiently

Multilizer Localization Tools are the easiest way to create and manage multilingual versions of software, documents, webpages and other content. With highly usable editor features, dictionaries and validations, the focus can be on the essential: translation.

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Enter New Markets with Localization

Localization is the adaptation of local languages and cultures into the product. Traditionally localization is linked to software localization but in practice one can localize any types of content.

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Make Your Localization Project Efficient

Multilizer is the most efficient product for creating and maintaining multiple language versions of software, documents, and other content — on time and within budget.

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Start Localizing Now

Multilizer offers free a 30-day evaluation. Therefore everyone can see how much a localization tool could ease their localization projects and processes.

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10 000+ CLIENTS


Multilizer saved days of work and frustration in localizing our product.
– eHelp Corporation, USA

We have counted a 100% increase in productivity when localizing new strings of code with Multilizer.
– Jutel Oy, Finland

Multilizer Supports Localization of Most Software Formats

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Multilizer Brings Value to All Project Participants

Localization and translation is typically a team effort. Multilizer tools are built to benefit all parties involved in localization and translation projects.


  • Localization of executable files reduces developers’ workload
  • Unmodified source code — no need for extra development work
  • Easy control for several simultaneous localization projects
  • More than 30 file formats supported
  • Automatic validations help to avoid unintentional technical errors

Project Manager

  • Suitable for localization projects of all sizes
  • Communicate and share information effectively with all project participants
  • Single project file for localizing all materials: software, Web content, documents, etc.
  • Effectively control and update different language versions
  • Follow the progress of the project via statistics


  • Concentration on core competencies: translation and interpretation
  • See and verify the translation results in real time
  • Ensure high-quality, consistent translation
  • Compatible with most popular translation memory tools






120 million words
are translated with Multilizer products!


Premium Package  Everything in the same package: all features, all plug-ins, all support for 3 floating licenses!

The Premium Package features all Multilizer features and functionalities. The package is the best choice for everyone who values ease of use, comprehensive feature selection and high-quality support.

The Multilizer Premium Package is available as a 12-month agreement. During the agreement, the user has access to three Multilizer floating licenses and can localize using all of the Multilizer features. The agreement will be renewed yearly. The user has the option to terminate the agreement at the end of an invoicing period.

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Multilizer Enterprise Localize Software & Translate Documents

Multilizer Enterprise is for enterprises who need to optimize and get maximum savings out of their localization projects. Multilizer Enterprise is optimized for projects with multiple types of content and for task automation. Multilizer Enterprise supports the localization of software, document and Web content formats.

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Pro for Software – Localize Your Software and Applications

Pro for Software localizes any mainstream software format. The extremely rich feature set covers all professional localization needs for applications and other software. Multilizer Pro for Software is a solution for companies working with software localization that want to boost their productivity.

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Pro for Documents – Translate Documents

Multilizer Pro for Documents provides a complete solution for document and content translation. This is a solution for both companies and individuals working with document translation.

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Limited – Localize Small Applications

Multilizer Limited is a solution for companies working with small localization projects. Limited is an agile solution for small localization projects, and it can handle projects that have up to 1,000 strings to translate. Multilizer Limited includes one scanner plug-in of your choice.

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ehelp-greyMultilizer saved days of work and frustration in localizing our product. We chose Multilizer to localize our software into 13 languages, including Chinese, Japanese and Korean, because of Multilizer's clean and easy user interface. It is important that we could allow their translation company to also use the Multilizer product, without having to buy an additional license.  
eHelp Corporation, USA
abb-greyMultilizer's way of producing multilingual software continues reducing costs even after system delivery. Multilizer lets users change UI language on run-time. These benefits made us to choose Multilizer. Since taking Multilizer in use, we have saved hundreds of hours on software development. Multilizer technology has proven its reliability in our industry where any shortage costs a fortune.  
Patrik Nordvall, ABB Automation Systems AB
basware-greyMultilizer delivered all the features we needed in our multilingual localization project. As a result, the need for resources has reduced when developing different language versions and the time-to-market is faster as well. Multilizer is easy to use and it doesn’t require programming experience. Migration from our previous localization technologies to Multilizer was effortless.
Johanna Puro-Grönblom, BasWare Oyj
f-secureWe have been able to better define and utilize the expertise that each person involved in the localization project has with Multilizer. We have noticed a significant decrease in localization bugs and time-to-market thanks to the fact that we have been able to test the localizable code before the actual translation phase.  
Mika Pehkonen, F-Secure Oyj
invensys-greyMultilizer has enabled us smooth globalization processes with a local expert who is involved in our software localization. Usually this person is not a software specialist. Multilizer allows a non-software engineer to run the application and translate it step by step while the application is running.  
Invensys Metering Systems, Germany
jutel-grey Multilizer has brought incredible speed to our software globalization process. We have counted a 100 % increase in productivity when localizing new strings of code. Thanks to Multilizer the whole localization process of our product to a customer specific jargon or a completely new language takes about two days. We are also able to outsource parts of the process to our business partners without sacrificing quality.
Antti Nevalainen, Jutel Oy