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Create and manage multilingual versions of your products with Multilizer.

Multilizer Localization Tools are the easiest way to create and manage localization projects. Start localizing your software, documents, web content and other content right away. With the highly usable editor features, dictionaries and validations, the focus can be on the translation and quality.

  • Ease of localization – The minimized need of technical knowledge simplifies the localization project.
  • Shorter time to market – Automated tasks and validation speed up the project.
  • Project control – Real-time information on the progress and updates help to keep the project efficient.
  • Security – The PC application provides the highest security of confidential material.
  • One tool for every project – Dozens of supported file formats make it possible to localize software, documents and other content with the same tool.
  • One tool for everyone – All project participants (project managers, developers, translators etc.) can utilize the efficient localization and project management features.


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Multilizer delivered all the features we needed in our multilingual localization project.

BasWare Oyj

We have counted a 100% increase in productivity when localizing new strings of code with Multilizer.

Jutel Oy

Since taking Multilizer in use, we have saved hundreds of hours on software development.

ABB Automation Systems AB

General Productivity Features

  • Rich and fast PC-based editor
  • Support of various file formats
  • Optimized performance for large and small project file sizes
  • Share translation work between project managers and translators: translation outsourcing tools
  • Reports and statistics
  • Ability to set fallback languages
  • Visualization of changes inside text segments (translation units)
  • Tagging of new/modified/removed texts in the files being localized
  • Quick and advanced filtering; find and replace options
  • Spell check (OpenOffice) and Automated Language Detection
  • Tagging rows for filtering, export, etc.
  • Group project support for Delphi
  • Multicore CPU support
  • Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows Vista support

Process Automation and Online Features

  • Project Wizard
  • Localization templates – use configuration templates to instantly set up new projects
  • Import and Export Wizards
  • Multilizer Online Translation Outsourcing with Google Translator Toolkit
  • Exchange Wizard; share translation work by language or by targets
  • Batch Validation with advanced reporting

Translation Importer and Exporter Features

  • Advanced translation import capabilities
  • Configurable text files (reuse translations in Excel-compatible CSV- and other text-based files)
  • Qualified machine translation (MT-Qualifier license needed)
  • Multilizer 5.x and 6.x project files (MPR-files)

Quality Assurance Features

  • Predefined validation profiles for .NET, Delphi, and HTML localization
  • Translation Validation Wizard to automate translation validation process
  • Annotate native and translated strings with contextual information
  • Pseudolanguage wizard cover/expand/minimum tests for UI elements
  • Lock/unlock feature at translation unit level
  • Regular expression validation rules



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Today, more than 120 million words are translated every month with Multilizer products.

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