Multilizer has now released 10.3 version of its leading localization software. The New Multilizer includes Embarcadero XE8, refactored DotNet Visual editors, Visual Studio 2015 support, and scanner fixes.

Multilizer has now released an updated version of Multilizer localization and translation tool, following the latest updates of 3rd party tools and standards. Multilizer now support Embarcadero XE8 with scanners and Localization Components. Totally new versions of .NET visual editors are provided, now supporting both Resx and WPF rendering. Scanners and visual editors are also tested against .NET framework 4.6. Multilizer can now localize resources from Visual Studio 2015 projects. Some updates are also done for RobeHelp, CustomText and HTML scanners.

“To keep our users satisfied we constantly update Multilizer when new versions are released by 3rd party tools and platforms providers ”, says Juha Siivola, Multilizer Head of Products, “ We are glad to provide this update release for supporting latest Embarcadero, Visual Studio and .NET framework releases.”.

See the release note for Multilizer version 10.3 for more information.


Multilizer 10.3 is now officially available. Try the product using free 30-day evaluation to see how the latest improvements can make your localization projects more efficient: