Multilizer version 10 has been released. This new major release contains many efficiency improving features and settings that will make localization projects more fluent and effective. The three major improvements are support for Embarcadero XE6, RoboHelp 11 and MariaDB.

Multilizer 10 is seamlessly integrated to RAD Studio XE6 which is the latest release of Embarcadero’s popular development software. This integration between Multilizer 10 and XE6 ensures the best localization processes in cross-platform development environment for PCs, tablets and smart phones. When working with Multilizer 10 any localization project can be performed without sacrificing application quality, usability or performance.

Another improvement in Multilizer 10 is the new support for RoboHelp 11. Adobe’s RoboHelp 11 software is a tool for creating differentiated content for different screens using multi-screen HTML5. With Multilizer 10 it is possible to deliver multilingual and differentiated content for many purposes.

The third new support in Multilizer 10 is the support for MariaDB localization. MariaDB is a tool for database professionals who look for a robust, scalable, and reliable SQL server. It’s a community-developed fork of the MySQL, relational database management system. Multilizer 10 enables creating multilingual MariaDB content.

In addition to these three new features, Multilizer 10 contains many improvements which makes all localization projects easy to execute and manage. Some of these features are: ability to set fallback languages, new menu to clear all read only translations and optimization for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

See the release note for Multilizer version 10.0 for more information.


Multilizer 10 is now officially available. Try the product with free 30-day evaluation and see how the latest Multilizer could help you with your localization needs: