Multilizer announces release 10.1 of its leading localization software. The new Multilizer provides support for RAD Studio XE7 and many new improvements beneficiary for all Multilizer users.

Multilizer has now released an updated version of Multilizer localization and translation tool. It contains new features which make usage of the application more effective. Multilizer 10.1 is also tested against fresh XE7 release of RAD Studio, and provides the best localization solution for a cross-platform development environment for Windows, Android, iOS, OS X, gadgets, and sensors. The Localization components installers are now fully updated to cover different RAD Studio releases. With Multilizer the localization phases can be performed and verified with an optimum application quality, usability and performance.

“We are delighted to see effective cross-platform development tool in real life use. Multilizer welcomes Embarcadero’s newest release with its enhanced set of localization features”, says Juha Siivola, Multilizer Head of Products, “With Multilizer 10.1 and its Embarcadero XE7 support, the 2 million developers community is now able to benefit from the cross-platform development environment and localize native applications for connected mobile devices, gadgets, and sensors”.

See the release note for Multilizer version 10.1 for more information.


Multilizer 10.1 is now officially available. Try the product with free 30-day evaluation and see how the latest Multilizer could help you with your localization needs: