Multilizer proudly presents the new major release of its award-winning localization technologies. Multilizer 9 continues the history of high-quality, comprehensive and innovative Multilizer localization tools. The latest Multilizer includes many new and improved features and functionalities that will make all kinds of localization projects both cost and time efficient.

Here are the main features of the new Multilizer 9:

Support for the latest Embarcadero XE4

Multilizer supports the localization of software that is created with the latest Embarcadero product. With the support for Delphi XE4, Multilizer continues offering support for the latest innovations in the software development field. The Multilizer Localization Components provide a seamless installation to Embarcadero IDE.  Now all localization components for XE, XE2, XE3 and XE4 are handled from a single installation package.

Efficiency with Qualified Machine Translation

Clever translation automation brings additional efficiency into localization projects. While raw and unprocessed machine translation can be difficult to work with, qualified machine translation is designed for fast and efficient post-editing. Qualified machine translation means that the best available automatic translations are being evaluated and selected automatically. Bad quality translations are omitted and the translator can work with only the good enough translations. Multilizer 9 uses MT-Qualifier as the source for qualified machine translation.

Support for localizing Word documents

Multilizer 9 adds new file format ready for efficient localization. Word documents (.docx) can now be translated with Multilizer. Easiness and consistency are Multilizer’s strengths in document localization and translation, and highest quality is achieved when existing translations and dictionaries are utilized with all the localizable files and formats. The docx Scanner is available as a separate plug-in, and in addition it is included in Multilizer Pro for Documents.

Other feature updates

  • XLIFF exchange with context ids
  • Row status statistics per target
  • Configurable validations with regular expression rules
  • Objects hierarchy support
  • Segmentation rules for splitting the native texts
  • .net scanner update

Introduction of new products

Multilizer Premium Package is a complete package for every advanced localization project. The Package contains all the available Multilizer features and plug-ins what makes it the easiest solution for all localization needs.

Multilizer Limited is an agile option for small localization projects. This affordable tool contains one Scanner plug-in that can be chosen freely. The user can customize the product based  Multilizer Limited is able to handle projects that have maximum of 1000 strings to translate.

Learn more about the different Multilizer products here.

Multilizer 9 is now officially available for both purchasing and demo use. Test today and see the benefits yourself: