Multilizer 2011 is the new major release of the award-winning localization tool. Multilizer 2011 combines some totally new as well as remarkably improved features to the great features of the previous versions. Together with all these functionalities Multilizer 2011 is the most suitable and useful localization tool for practically any project.

As a result of intense collaboration between Multilizer users and our R&D team, Multilizer 2011 has now both totally new and improved features. Together these features renew Multilizer products to the next level. All the improvements are specially designed to improve the user friendliness of the software and due to these improvements Multilizer is now even faster and more efficient than before.

The new Multilizer 2011 contains plenty of major and minor improvements, including:

  • Multilizer Online Translation Outsourcing makes the translation process easier to handle
  • Multilizer Concordance Search Tool helps to find translations for terms and phrases
  • Support for Embarcadero XE enables the localization of any application created with Delphi/C++Builder
  • Translation Validation Wizard boosts the validation process
  • Automated Language Detection recognizes the source language of new projects
  • Flagging makes it possible to mark rows in Multilizer projects for several purposes
  • String Difference Visualization shows what have been changed in the original file
  • Support for CDATA in MSXML Scanner renews the data source assortment
  • Excel Import and Export Functionalities allow synergy between Multilizer and Excel
  • Improved Delphi And C++Builder Source Scanner extends the localization possibilities

Contact for more detailed information about the new and improved features of Multilizer.