Multilizer has nine (9) different wizards that help with the various tasks and processes in localization. Users benefit from the wizards by automating manual tasks, increasing productivity and quality, which aid in reducing localization project costs, translation costs and localization workload. Multilizer is a tool that is suitable for every localization project team member.

In Multilizer, there are four types of wizards categorized as: Project flow Wizards, Project Maintenance Wizards, Translation Wizards and Miscellaneous Wizards. You can find more information on each wizard from your Multilizer software by clicking F1 in any wizard.

There are four different wizards that help with the project flow:

  • Project Wizard helps to create a new localization project.
  • Export Wizard helps the user export all or a part of a Multilizer project to another file.
  • Exchange Wizard helps the user send a Multilizer project or part of it to a translator
    • either in compressed Multilizer project format
    • or as a localization kit containing the Multilizer project and Multilizer for Translators.
  • Import Wizard helps the user import translations
    • either from a translator that has used Multilizer
    • or from any other 3rd-party format supported by Importer plug-in

There are two different wizards for improved project maintenance:

  • Batch Copy Wizard helps to copy translations from one column to another.
  • Pseudolanguage Wizard helps to define and apply a pseudo test language to a translation column in the Multilizer project.

Translation work is reduced and speed of translation is increased with:

  • Batch Translation Wizard helps to batch-translate the active view in Multilizer.
  • Translation Validation Wizard helps to validate the translations.


  • License Wizard helps to create a license for the installed Multilizer product.