Multilizer 2010 is the new major release for the award-winning localization technology software.  There are a good number of improvements in the software, making Multilizer easier & faster to use as well as more efficient in localization projects.

Multilizer 2010 introduces improved project maintenance features, enhancements to translation reuse, improved user interface, better XML support, and support for software created in the latest development environments.

Improved project maintenance

It is easier than ever to maintain a project in Multilizer 2010. Our newest features will tackle some of the challenges in this area. Flagging rows makes it easier to focus on the user-defined rows in the localization project. When using batch translation, the rows can be flagged for later review/decision with the semi-automated flagging of rows. It is not only possible to filter the flagged rows for efficient maintenance, but also to Export/Import and Exchange them.

Enhancements to translation reuse

Multilizer 2010 introduces a new batch translation wizard and proxy support to the Google and Bing importers. In addition, the M7PImporter now finds translations also in reverse direction – from target language to source language.

Improved usability

The user interface in Multilizer 2010 has been updated and has received a facelift. The start-up screen shows latest news and release notes. Multilizer 2010 also automatically checks for the availability of the latest updates, making it easy for the users to keep their Multilizer installation up-to-date.

In addition, there are several minor improvements that will enhance the everyday work with Multilizer, for example the quick filter has been improved and allows for smoother searches within the projects.

Better XML support

Multilizer Enterprise 2010 comes with two additional scanners for more efficient localization of XML. The MSXML Scanner is optimized for localizing complete and structurally complex XML documents whereas the XMLAttribute Scanner is optimized for localizing XML files that contain data in the attributes. In addition, XML scanners have also automated check for making ensuring that the source XML documents are valid.

Support for software created in the latest development environments

Multilizer 2010 includes the latest set of Multilizer Localization Components for VCL, now supporting Delphi/C++Builder 2010 and localizing any applications created in the latest Delphi/C++Builder version. Support for Visual Studio 2010 has also been added, thus supporting the localization of .NET projects maintained with the latest version of Visual Studio.


Command-line utility available in the Multilizer Enterprise edition has been enhanced with an automated language detection.

The visualization of .NET custom controls is now supported in .NET localization projects.