XML Attribute Scanner is the newest addition to the ever growing family of Multilizer scanner plug-ins. As many XML-based file formats contain data mostly in attributes (or even only in attributes), a new scanner was designed and optimized for such cases.

XML Attribute Scanner allows the user to define which attributes contain localizable data. Furthermore, localizable data can be identified by not only its name but also by other attributes or the pertinent element name.

Multilizer now features four scanner plug-ins for the localization of XML files, each of them optimized for different flavors of XML. Three of the scanners – XML Scanner, Dita Scanner and XML Hyper Text Scanner – are intended for the localization of of XML files where the element values are the localizable data. In contrast, as its name implies XML Attribute Scanner intended for the localization of attributes. As Multilizer provides separate scanners for differents XML file types it eliminates the need for complicated scanner configurations: localization is straightforward with the right scanner.