Multilizer 2009 has introduced support for the newest development environments, such as WPF and Delphi2009/C++Builder2009. Furthermore, Multilizer has reintroduced the localization components thus providing native support for Delphi2009/C++Builder2009. In the documentation front, Multilizer now supports RoboHelp 8 – the latest version of the documentation system.

Multilizer 2009 enhances translation quality by featuring Visual editors’ built-in validation and OpenOffice spell checker. With built-in validation Multilizer can instantly warn the user of localization issues, such as overlapping controls. OpenOffice spell checker allows detection of linguistic issues in up to 92 different languages.

In order to lower the learning curve, Multilizer 2009 provides a tutorial to get you started with the localization process. Furthermore, troubleshooting is made easy as the Multilizer ships with the Remoteus remote support.