OpenOffice spell checker allows the users of Multilizer to improve their translation processes by checking the spelling of translated text. When the spell checker is enabled, the text (being translated) becomes underlined with red if spell check fails. This way, the user can easily correct mistakes in the translated text if needed. 

A remarkable feature of the spell checker is that it includes as many languages as the OpenOffice local installation supports. It handles up to 92 different languages with variations, depending on the OpenOffice installation. Multilizer enables full utilization of OpenOffice dictionaries across all translation work: when a dictionary is edited in OpenOffice, all changes are immediately reflected in Multilizer’s spell checker in all the file formats that Multilizer supports.

Multilizer expands the scope of OpenOffice spell checker as it can be used in the localization of the almost 30 file formats that Multilizer supports, for example XML-files, HTML-files, major software formats including .NET, Delphi, and C++Builder and naturally also OpenOffice-documents. Visit Plug-in page for an extensive list of supported file formats.

Using the OpenOffice spell checker in Multilizer 2007 is easy; just installing OpenOffice is required. Please read more about OpenOffice spell checker at