Multilizer 2007 Service Release 1 (Version 7.1) facilitates reuse of existing translations as any number of translation sources can be employed simultaneously. The user has full control: Multilizer 2007 will automatically suggest translations and the user can select the appropriate one with a single key press.

Multilizer 2007 Service Release 1 features enhanced reports that help the project managers keep track of the progress of their projects: the statistics report tracks translation progress in each target language, such as the number of untranslated text segments and statuses of those already translated, and the validation report provides an overview of the quality issues both in the native text and the translations; it even provides an estimate of the time required to fix the quality issues.

In order to support our customers better, Multilizer now ships with a Remoteus remote support client. Our support team can assist you in troubleshooting localization issues using a remote connection.