Multilizer, leader in translation and localization software, has released a new translation quality validation system. Multilizer automatically catches over 30 most common translation errors and is able to catch also errors that even well-trained translators can´t find in reasonable time. Catching the translation errors at the earliest possible stage improves quality and saves time and money.

Multilizer´s configurable translation validation system goes into smallest details. Multilizer´s most detailed automatic checks are:

  • translations contain characters that are not available in the target computer system and thus can´t be displayed correctly.
  • the translation contains correct punctuation characters also in Far-Eastern languages.
  • numbers are correct in the translation. Multilizer is able to recognize e.g. Japanese month names and correctly exclude them from validations.

Multilizer lets the user configure the importance of each translation validation and comes with several pre-defined sets of recommended validation priorities and settings. Thus the automatic quality checks catch the desired issues and don´t give false alarms.

Multilizer´s automatic validations focus translators´ time and attention in actual translation work.